theloudcontender said: You should do a plot twist series of Actual Teens playing Actual Teens. (OR, actors playing roles that are older than their actual ages).

I can think of two actual teens playing adults that would fit into your second suggestion:

1) Scarlett Johansson was 17 when she played 23-year-old Charlotte in Lost in Translation.

This is an interesting exception to the usual thing where adults are cast as teens, because work legislation makes it more complicated to cast actual teens. Clearly Sofia Coppola really wanted Scarlett to play this role, despite her age.

2) Sarah Michelle Gellar as Kendall on All My Children.

This is a fun story. Kendall appeared in 1993 as Erica Kane’s long-lost teenage daughter, the product of Erica’s rape in 1970. Fans were upset that the show had apparently de-aged Erica Kane to make this timeline work, and so Kendall was aged up to 23, the age she should be if her conception had been in 1970.

However, they kept 16-year-old SMG in the role, which meant she was suddenly 16 playing 23.

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